3 Ways to Celebrate the Women in Your Family By Lisa A. Alzo, M.F.A.

March is Women’s History Month and the perfect time celebrate the women in your family. Here are three easy ways to honor them.

  1. Tell her story. A fun project for families to do together is to record the stories of the living ladies and/or reminisce about female ancestors. Use photographs and stories to document the key moments in their lives. You can easily add scanned photos and record stories using the Vivid-Pix Memory Station Software Home Edition Bundle https://www.vivid-pix.com/memorystation. For those who like to blog, check out my Fearless Females Blogging Prompts series at https://theaccidentalgenealogist.com/2024/02/27/fearless-females-blogging-prompts-back-for-2024/.  Even if you don’t blog, you can still use the prompts to start conversations and story sharing.
  2. Honor the women at your next reunion. If you are actively engaged in reunion planning, use the stories you recorded with the Vivid-Pix software to put together a slideshow tribute to the ladies in your family that you can share at your next reunion, or virtually with family via Zoom. Create a Photo Book or Memory Wall to use for decorations. See Vivid-Pix Prints https://www.vivid-pix-prints.com/prints-and-enlargements. Consider organizing a ceremony to present a special keepsake gift to the senior generation(s), such as a personalized ornament, mug, or piece of jewelry. Explore a variety of options in the Vivid-Pix shop https://www.vivid-pix-prints.com/gifts.
  3. Share a Dish or Craft. Do you have the recipe for Aunt Mary’s potato salad or grandma’s brownies? Make up a batch and bring them to the reunion and distribute the recipe to attendees. Display artwork, pottery, or quilts made by female relatives, or host a session at the reunion to make a special wreath, table decoration, or other craft. Search Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com or YouTube https://www.youtube.com or ideas.

Be sure to make some time this March to remember and recognize the ladies!