10 questions to ask your family

The Utah Department of Health Chronic Disease Genomics Program encouraged reunions to explore family health history at their meetings. They suggest these questions to help develop your family health history.
  1. What traits seem to run in our family?
    You don’t have to ask only about health – start with anything from your family’s blue eyes or curly hair to your height and personality – just get your family talking.
  2. Did or do family members have any health problems?
  3. How old were family members when their health problem started or was diagnosed?
  4. How old were family members when they died?
    If you don’t know exact dates, ask about the approximate age at death.
  5. What were the reasons they died?
    Note if the cause of death is unknown.
  6. Were there any pregnancy losses or babies born with birth defects?
  7. Where were family members born?
    Ethnicity can be a risk factor for some health problems.
  8. Did any of family members smoke?
    If yes, how much and for how long?
  9. What other lifestyle habits did family members have?
    For example: Did they exercise regularly?  Were any overweight or extremely thin?   Did any have addictive behaviors?
  10. What types of allergies did family members have? For example: hay fever, food or medication allergies.