USS Manatee AO58

Contact: Chuch Finch
Start Date: May 07, 2024
Location: 1100 Nugget Ave
Sparks (Reno), NV 89431

The “Nugget Casino Resort”: http://nuggett-casino-resort-spaks.hotel 1-866-306-0942

The shipmates welcome other shipmates and provide a great opportunity to share time and stories. The availability of rooms are generous so you may reserve up until April using code: GSSMN4.
The resort line: 1-866-306-0942.SS

There is a banquet room and an auction and banquet held the 8th . Bring items to auction.

The hospitality suite provided for gathering and please come and share pictures and stories.
Chuck may be reached at 734-721-1967, or David Perrigoue 425-367-9303. or Ann Perrigoue 623-398-4074.