Contact: Josephine Ivory
Start Date: July 14, 2022
Location: Holiday Inn Suites 32769 Northwest Highway
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

The Brewers are descendants of Henry and Parlee. We have been gathering every two years since the early Sixties. We started in our homes, gathering in Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL, and Gary IN. As our family grew and expanded, we moved from our homes to hotels. Our roots are in Mississippi. We would go back there every ten years. Currently, with members in various states, we meet in the State where a family member except the next gathering. All of that 1st generation are now deceased. The offspring’s will continue to keep our legacy alive.

We are the off- springs Henry & Parlee Brewer, celebrating 54 Reunions in July. This is the first reunion without any of the 2nd generation of Henry & Parlee. I am the 3rd generation of the Brewer’s. At the 50th we implemented 4 awards Spirit, Legacy, Service & Choice. The recipient of first choice Clara Brewer, turning 100 years in April, widow of Ivory Brewer is the only living survivor. We have always had a head table. In 2019 at the 53rd Reunion in Arlington, TX we transitioned the 3rd generation to the head table with a special introduction.