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This long, detailed and thorough description for searching for birthparents and birth families first appeared as a blog. It is re-printed here with permission from Richard Weiss, the writer, Robin Grantham and Dr. Pam Tabor, the editors, refined and distributed by myHeritage.comWe add it as an aid to successful searching for very special and personal reunions. 
This is a guest post by Richard Weiss. Richard is the Executive Vice President and Director of Programs at DNAAdoption. He found his birth mother through a traditional search and birth father through a DNA search. He is an experienced genetic genealogist and adoption search angel. Richard is also on the advisory board for the MyHeritage pro bono project DNA Quest

Adoption Reunions
Adoption Related Searching

These are very basic steps for doing an adoption search; Adoptee for birthparents; birthparents for adoptees; adoptive parents for birthparents. The single difference that distinguishes an adoption search from any…

Adoption Reunions
Guatemalan Adoptions

A group who have adopted from Guatemala is looking for people/groups in the US to share information. Contact Melvin Willis, 18 Norton Way North, Letchworth Herts SG6 1BX, England; e-mail