Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers
More Reunion Trivia

Organize teams that include members from each generation and each branch of the family. Set out paper bags and ask relatives to deposit questions. Categories can include anything you choose;…

Ice Breakers
When the Stantons gather

Louise Hawley, Lillian, Alabama, wrote that the Thomas Stanton Society meets every three years for a three-day reunion on property in Stonington, Connecticut, owned by the family since the 1640s.…

Ice Breakers
Reunion warmer-uppers

Recognize that some people may have pre-reunion jitters. Plan activities to help people get acquainted without feeling self-conscious. For example, give each person a 3-by-5 card and ask them to…

Getting re-acquainted

Icebreakers are essential at many reunions. These ideas may inspire you to develop new ways to become re-acquainted. This Is Our Life. Ask each family for photos of their home,…