Family History & Geneology

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Reunion Tales

In their Grandparenting column, Dee and Tom Hardie reported about the Thornhill Foundation reunion at Tom's ancestral home, an antebellum cotton plantation in Talladega, Alabama....
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Looking for Letters

Danell Spillman, Editor of Louisiana African Americans, explains that letters are not only prized family heirlooms but often the only link to information about ancestors....
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One Family Tree

Janice Scruggs, Milledgeville, Georgia, shares her McLeod family tree displayed proudly at reunions. Eight family branches are each represented by different shaped leaves, in different...
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Exploring Roots

Alex Haley planted the seed of interest in millions of people including his own son, William, for whom finding every root and branch is a...
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Looking at Ancestors

Mary Thiele Fobian is planning a reunion for her Napp/Knapp family branch. Fobian asks how other families have displayed, printed, published their family trees and...
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Zap the Grandma Gap

Studies show that knowledge about family history strengthens and empowers kids by creating self-esteem, resilience and a greater sense of control over their lives. Learning...
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